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CGI Reel

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An advertising animated musical produced by our animated video production team to promote the new refrigerator line in the digital space for the local market
Vizbl's animated video highlights its AR app, merging 3D modeling and AR visualization - a seamless way for designers to showcase products in augmented reality.
Creation of a 2D Animation Infographic Video
A vibrant and musical animated advertisement for supplements from the Japanese factory Arum. In addition to the video, we have also designed the branded packaging.
For the barbecue season, a fitting commercial is a must. And what's a BBQ without a guitar and delightful songs? That's what we did with SberMarket - first, we composed music for the commercial, and then sang like true bards.
In the world of advertising, there exists an eternal rivalry between two fast food giants – Burger King and McDonald's. Their quest for supremacy has sparked countless creative battles, captivating audiences with their clever campaigns and witty advertisements.

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