Packaging Design for Japanese Dietary Supplements 'Arum'

Crafting the Art of Branding
In the competitive landscape of health and wellness products, effective branding and packaging play a crucial role in capturing consumer attention and conveying product value. This article delves into the intricate process
of developing the branding and packaging for the Japanese dietary supplements line "Arum", highlighting the steps taken to create a distinctive identity while preserving the essence of Japanese culture.

Creating a Unified Visual Identity

The "Arum" project commenced with a challenge – designing packaging for 15 different Stock Keeping Units (SKUs), each requiring a unique touch while maintaining a cohesive brand identity. To establish recognizability,
a common pattern was conceived, a visual motif that would grace every package, subtly echoing Japanese aesthetics. The objective was to infuse the packaging with a Japanese essence without overwhelming subtlety.


Balancing Space and Information

The packaging journey ventured into a meticulous phase of material selection and arrangement. Given the compact packaging size, accommodating ample information demanded thoughtful consideration.
This was particularly crucial beneath the central product illustration, which had limited real estate. Creative problem-solving was key to maintaining a harmonious composition.

Mini-Illustrations and Color Palette

The essence of each specific supplement was encapsulated through mini-illustrations. These visual cues conveyed the unique properties of each supplement, adding an informative and visually engaging element
to the packaging. Moreover, each SKU sported its distinctive color palette, facilitating easy consumer navigation amidst an expansive product range.