New Bosch VitaFresh refrigerators

Creative campaign and production
Who doesn't like cartoons? Of course, everyone does!
Our video for Bosch is a complex, painstaking, and creative animated work that expands our capabilities for the client and gives a new experience in video advertising production.
We had to come up with a stunningly creative sales video. In addition to a short OLV, we had to make another food video showing all advantages of the refrigerator.

According to the idea of our client, the German Bosch brand, a bright and unconventional presentation had to be combined with clear, understandable, and memorable communications.
We took a risk and suggested that instead of shooting a static refrigerator, the client tell a story on behalf of its "inhabitants" — the products. After all, they are most concerned about the "living" conditions in the refrigerator!

In our case, the characters are fruit and vegetables, who are simply delighted with their new refrigerator. The general concept was: "The groceries will wait while you are out". So what do they do while waiting? That was the beauty of it. The secret life of groceries while we're away. But what's the best way to show it? With a 3D cartoon, of course. And to make it more fun, we created a song, and it turned out to be a real music show.
A conservative trademark, advanced technology, German engineering expertise, and then there is a singing tomato and a flirty carrot! Despite common stereotypes, the Bosch team accepted our vitaminized characters with enthusiasm!

We managed to combine reality and fiction, making the video characters resemble the real products as close as possible, except they can sing and dance.
In the process, we were on the same page with the client, and the result fully met the expectations of our colleagues from Bosch.
A series of teaser 5-second clips were designed to attract attention in silent feeds on social media. And they were also used as Bumper Ads on YouTube — a very cool hard-to-miss format.

Sticker pack for Telegram

On top of everything else, we've developed vibrant stickers for Telegram. You can install this sticker pack at

How we created the clips

We had a lot of characters and all of them had to be invented. The discussion started with real product images and gradually moved on to the final visualization.
At the same time, we designed the kitchen and the hero of the occasion, the VitaFresh refrigerator. The kitchen layout and location of the refrigerator were changed several times. Everything was supposed to be like in real life!
face capture

So, it was time to voice the characters and record the song. And we have a whole bunch of heroes on one hand and budget limitations on the other.
Fortunately, we found amazing voice actors who, together, managed to replace the entire chorus. We were changing the mood, and the timbre, adding some huskiness, and some post-processing, and the end result was wonderful.
What's next? That's right, motion capture!
Everything must be in sync: the mouth opens — the sound comes out. Right from the voice-over studio, our actors went to the mime and gesture capture, where they had to do the same things as the characters on the video.
Finally, all the refrigerator's inhabitants came safely to life in the clip and started singing.
We added a few pre-rolls to the OLV, where our characters fooled around and entertained the viewer in silent mode.
Idea, dircting and supervising by
Ivan Us