How Brie cheese became the president of the table for any occasion

The new advertising campaign by French dairy company Lactalis assures that Brie President cheese is suitable for any occasion
To emphasize the idea that there are many occasions but only one cheese, a commercial was created where everything changes around, except for the cheese itself. Whether it's a romantic dinner for two, a picnic, or a lively party, Brie President will always complement your table perfectly.

OLV Video "Many Occasions, One Cheese: Brie President"
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From a technical perspective, we had to come up with a solution to create a seamless flow of time where the main character would always remain unchanged at the center of the events. We achieved this through the implementation of Motion Control based on KUKA technology.

We wanted to showcase that this cheese is not just for connoisseurs. Brie blends perfectly into any company and complements any table. It's a small piece of France that is accessible to everyone, no matter the occasion that brings us together.

Pre-production preparation was crucial to ensure smooth shooting. The meticulously prepared 3D animations greatly facilitated the filming process and resolved many issues beforehand.

By programming the robot with consistent movements, we only needed to arrange the situations around the cheese and capture the next take. It may sound simple, but in reality, the food stylist and directors painstakingly crafted each frame, meticulously adjusting every ray of light, glimmer, nut, and blade of grass manually.

Filming the product shot for the President processed cheese video

In addition to our task, we had to capture an updated product shot for another video of Lactalis company's product.

For the President processed cheese, there were slight changes in positioning and packaging design, and we needed to convey to consumers that this cheese is made from natural cottage cheese. And what do you think was the main element? Of course, it was the falling cottage cheese :)
Film crew:
Creative - Alexander Nerush
Art Director - Tatiana Krevs
Account - Natalia Nikonova
Executive Producer - Kirill Maryukhna
Executive Producer - Vladimir Malinko
Director - Ivan Stepanov
Producer - Vitaliy Parshutin
DoP - Alexey Andreev
Food Stylist - Valentina Bilunova
Composer - Stanislav Dmitriev