Savoring the Italian Inspiration:
Galbani Mozzarella Cheese
Table Top Ad Production

Crafting Remote Ads with YouTube and Zoom Playback for a Taste of Italy
Amidst the peak of the quarantine, video shoots in Moscow are restricted, and many businesses remain closed. However, one thing we can't afford to stop is advertising. So, we proceed with the shoot.

Online Production with Real-time Streaming

The entire production process was conducted remotely, starting from the initial Zoom meetings and briefings. The same approach extended to PPM, prop selection, and material approvals.
Assembling a reliable team of professionals who are less susceptible to the virus and ready for action required significant effort. Video production itself is no easy task, and during a pandemic, it becomes even more challenging.

Preparing for the Shoot

With a week to go until the shoot, we had to gather an abundance of props, purchase products, and conduct rehearsal product layouts—all while navigating the unpredictability of stores closing and limited deliveries. Thanks to Marina Abdullaeva's artistic team, we made it through the procurement odyssey. Thankfully, sourcing the products turned out to be a bit easier.
Creating top-tier ad campaigns in Moscow demands meticulous preparation, ensuring every detail is thought out before the shoot. Each shot was carefully planned and animated in the storyboard.

Video shooting during quarantine

The location was outside the city to ensure quiet and peaceful filming while taking all necessary precautions. We went through so much hand sanitizer and gloves... phew! And of course, practicing social distancing of 1.5m ????????

In the end, during one long shooting session, we managed to create 4 commercial videos: two online versions and two TV versions.

OLV "Bruschetta"

OLV "Zucchini"

TVC "Bruschetta"


The shooting surprisingly went smoothly, even though it lasted nearly 24 hours. But we made it through, no one got sick, and everyone was satisfied. The client and agency, a total of 8 people, watched the live stream and provided real-time feedback. They could see everything happening on set and the editing process right there in the live broadcast.

The entire post-production was also done remotely with live streaming from the color correction studio and the sound recording studio with the voice-over artist.

Backstage from the shooting