A sophisticated and cohesive product design project for a brand named LAORY, which appears to be a line of scented candles. The design language is minimalistic and modern, characterized by a clean, monochromatic palette, primarily white with black text, and a simple yet elegant typeface.
The product design includes cylindrical candle jars with a textured surface, suggesting a premium touch. The jars are accompanied by matching lids and boxes that reinforce the brand's luxurious feel. Each candle is labeled with a unique scent, such as "Summer Bloom" and "Cactus Flower," highlighting the variety and bespoke nature of the products.

Purity in Aroma - Designing the Scent of Elegance

Branding for LAORY Scented Candles

The packaging design extends to circular labels for the lids, emphasizing the handmade and vegan qualities of the candles, which are made from 100% soy wax. The uniformity in design across different materials and elements suggests a strong brand identity and a high level of attention to detail. The branding materials also include paper envelopes and strips, maintaining the brand's aesthetic.

Overall, the project showcases a comprehensive approach to product design and branding, aimed at delivering a luxury experience through visual simplicity and quality presentation.