Creative digital campaign
"Quest for Maximum"

To promote USE* training courses

* The Unified State Exam is an exam in the Russian Federation.
It is a series of exams every student must pass after graduation
from high school to enter a university or a professional college

Goals and objectives

Our goal was to ensure a full-scale engagement of the target audience and make them understand it's worth preparing for the USE in advance by taking high-quality courses: the MAXIMUM courses. Besides making the target audience enroll in the MAXIMUM courses themselves, we also aimed to make them bring a maximum number of their friends.

To help achieve it, we proposed a powerful offline quest with rewards and generating leads through the landing page.

Landing page

Our task was not just to create the landing page and wait for the traffic to come but also to make students generate this traffic themselves.

We engaged them with the game, which helped draw attention to the timely USE preparation, and also provided a daily interaction with the brand through the gaming platform — landing page. Students competed with each other for the grand prize (iPhone X) and involved parents who cared that their child would get the opportunity to take free USE courses.
Thus, we involved two important target audiences: the direct consumers of the courses — high school students — and those who will pay for these courses — their parents.

The essence of the campaign

We placed USE-styled assignments around the city in the form of advertising banners at public transport stops near schools. Students saw this task and registered on the website, and then they got the map with the other tasks.
Additional touch points were a video and online banners with an interactive assignment.

After a certain level, the participant discovered the secret tasks that did not appear on the map. The participant got instructions for these tasks via SMS. And then, the chase began as we placed the tasks on several shuttle buses.

Unusual referral system

But getting students excited is only part of the job. We needed to involve their parents, who would pay for the course. It is how we did it.

Not only students had to post their achievements on social media for their peers and classmates to see, but parents could register, too, and get their kids involved. The mom's motivation is clear. It's to get her child involved in the competition, get a discount or even enroll in the USE training course for free, and then enter the university.

But why would a kid get their mom involved? The answer is simple: to get a few steps closer to the grand prize. So, for registering a mom in the system, the kid gets extra points and will jump higher in the ranking table.

And there's more. We prompted the parents' active participation, too. They could invite both kids and their friends who also have high schoolers. Each new registration earned a kid extra points and moved them up in the rankings. Also it was a video to feature this competition and attract an online audience.