Minimalism, convention, and the toilet bowl in an advertisement

Advertising campaign for Santehnika-online retailer
For their first large-scale advertising campaign, Santehnika-online held an open tender won by, a creative production company. The creative team faced a challenging task: to increase brand awareness through everyday items non-trivial for solving this task — toilet bowl, bathtub, and sink.
On the one hand, the items are familiar to everyone, and no one doubts their necessity. On the other hand, it is important not to go overboard and not to slip into vulgar stories. Besides, Santehnika-online is the largest plumbing store, but it is far from the most recognizable one. And the client wanted to identify the videos with the brand as much as possible.

So, we decided to combine the purity and elegance of white porcelain with three brand colors, add a bit of humor, and a young couple who had to equip their new bathroom. We recalled a familiar situation when one has to spend hours and days shopping for that very bathtub or toilet bowl.

How many hours do you have to spend in traffic jams on the way to regular (offline) stores where the choice is very much limited? And we compared it with a huge selection of plumbing fixtures for any budget available at Santehnika-online.

We played out conditional situations, thus hinting that any of us could become a hero of such events. Each situation in the video matched a particular brand color, and the entire environment had to exist within the framework of this color scheme.
All the scenery went through a series of developments and approvals, from rough sketching and 3D visualization to the implementation and development of what was planned.

For TV, short 15-second versions were created featuring the heros’ adventures while searching for the next bathroom essential.

TVC "Toilet bowl"
Trying to get to a regular (offline) store, the heroes face the most typical situation — a traffic jam. Then there is the exhausting process of finding a compromise amidst the limited choices. And, of course, this epic endeavor comes with the heat of passion and controversy between the young.

TVC "Bathtub"

The bathtub is a big deal. You wouldn't want to make a wrong choice here. You need to match the size, decide on the material and plan a route to all the nearest stores. In other words, it requires thorough preparation.
Then everything is pretty much standard — stuffy stores, limited choice, and a no-fun weekend. What a difference it is to choose from over 2,500 bathtubs at Santehnika-online and "hey, we have a weekend for ourselves!".

TVC "Furniture"

Design is another challenge that will give you pain in the neck when choosing bathroom furniture. Tile, mirror, cabinet, and accessory items — everything must be consistent and match perfectly. But how do you find that perfect combination when there's just a little bit of everything in regular stores? That's right! Shop for everything you need for your bathroom at Santehnika-online.
In the end, after a whole day of building the scenery and a day of shooting, we managed to create clips full of branding, toilet bowls, bathtubs, and satisfied heroes, who purchased everything from the Santehnika-online store. In addition to the videos, we recorded a jingle and created a radio commercial.

You can see all the fun in the backstage video from the shoot.
Creative team:

Marketing Manager at Santehnika-online: Margarita Maltseva

Creative Director and creative: Ivan Us
Account Manager: Suren Yagutyan
Production Manager: Christina Tenerova
Produced by Anton Kuznetsov
Camera Operator: Alexey Andreev
Set Designer: Dmitriy Favn
First Assistant Director: Alexandra Ligorova
Make-up artist: Olga Iolshina
Costume Designer: Ekaterina Ermakova
Casting Director: Elena Tsonda
Film editing: Maxim Khotko
Music by Artyom Kashkin
Sound Director: Ravshan Kuznetsov
Color correction by Vladislav Ermikhin
Starring Yegor Kulikov, Yaroslava Brik
Vocals: Christina Makarkina