Ball's Journey Through

the World of Sports

Creation of a 2D Animation Infographic Video
In the modern world, sports are an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. Today, we will delve into the process of crafting an engaging 2D animation infographic video that captures the movement of a ball through various sports. This video is tailored for a company specializing in promoting a sporting lifestyle, showcasing the energy and dynamism of sports through a unique blend of animation and morphing techniques.​​​​​​​

Concept and Storyboarding: The first step in video creation involves developing the concept and storyboard. We begin with the idea of a ball's movement across different sports. Each scene symbolizes a specific sport: volleyball, basketball, soccer, and tennis. The storyboard envisions the ball smoothly transitioning from one scene to another, utilizing the technique of morphing.

Illustration and Motion Design: At this stage, we create the visual elements for each scene. The volleyball ball initiates the video, then gracefully morphs into a basketball. Detailed illustrations are used to seamlessly integrate into the animation.

Animation and Morphing: Scene transitions are achieved using morphing techniques. Each ball smoothly transforms into the next, creating a seamless transition between sports. Specialized animation and morphing software bring this effect to life.

Scene Transition and Post-Production: The transition between scenes is complemented by post-production elements. Morphing and keyframe transitions contribute to a smooth flow as backgrounds shift dynamically with object interactions and layer transformations.

Powerful Conclusion and Endless Loop: The video culminates with a powerful strike of a tennis racket against the ball, which transforms back into a volleyball. This animation process is looped, creating an endless cycle of the ball's movement through various sports.

The Engaging Process of Animation Production: Creating a 2D animation infographic video is a captivating journey. Utilizing morphing techniques and visual effects, we craft a dynamic video that embodies the energy and movement of a ball through different sports. Inspiring viewers towards a healthy lifestyle and active participation in sports.

Creative Art Director - Ivan Us

Account Manager - Vladimir Gorb

Animator - Arsentiy Lesnik

Illustrator - Irina Sheykina

Illustrator - Helen Blokhintseva

Illustrator - Anastasia Denisova