Love. Spring. ZARINA

A Fashion Brand's Captivating Campaign
Welcome Spring... with our breathtakingly captivating multi-format ad campaign for ZARINA, celebrating beauty, love, and the essence of the season. The client's vision was to craft a metaphorical portrayal of love for their spring campaign, showcasing their new collection of women's clothing through a mesmerizing video and a stunning photoshoot
"MELOHN FASHION GROUP" (brands Love Republic, Sela, and Befree) approached our Agency with a proposal to create a multi-format ad campaign for the ZARINA brand. For their spring campaign, promoting the new women's clothing collection, the client desired a metaphorical representation of love, embodied by the leading lady of modern Russian cinema, Lyubov Aksenova. The concept involved the heroine traversing different spaces in various outfits, reflecting the essence of the new collection. Alongside the video ad, we were tasked with creating stylized photoshoots of the collection. Thus, collaboratively, we birthed the SS23 Collection: "Love. Spring. ZARINA."
After finalizing the shooting concept and storyboards, we equipped and decorated the studio. The project had tight deadlines, requiring shooting 7 different outfits over two days - one day for the collection photoshoot, and another for the ad video. The tasks at each stage were complex and diverse. Despite the challenging timelines, we managed to successfully bring our vision to life.

The heroine effortlessly navigates the space, strutting along walls and ceilings. This was made possible through the combined efforts of the cinematographer and the editing director. We used a 360-degree moving camera during the shoot, allowing for smooth changes in angles and perspectives. In post-production, we seamlessly stitched together frames from different parts, resulting in sequences where the heroine defies gravity and bends the laws of physics.

The majority of stunning shots in the video were brought to life using practical special effects, including various configurations of light lamps, laser devices, and shadow play. However, CGI graphics were also present. For instance, in the scene where the heroine's eyes reflect glowing hearts and in other parts of the video where these neon heart contours scatter around Lyubov Aksenova.

Social responsibility and environmental care
You may wonder what a fashion shoot has to do with saving the planet? In terms of the overall set design, elements of the decorations and objects for stylistic solutions on the set were not environmentally friendly. However, Lyubov Aksenova is well known for advocating against plastic, fur, and anything harmful to our planet.

To contribute to a good cause, we purchased medicines and animal feed for the shelter, along with other essential items. During the video shoot, we strived to use eco-friendly materials for the decorations, making our production zero-waste: construction materials and fabric remnants were also delivered to the shelter.
Let's circle back to how we managed to achieve this in just 2 shooting days. Besides the high professionalism of each member of our team, such an impressive outcome within such a short timeframe wouldn't have been possible without the contributions of everyone involved. We couldn't have done it without the resilience, outstanding qualities, and immense professionalism of our talented actress, Lyubov Aksenova, as well as the comprehensive assistance and round-the-clock support from the representatives of ZARINA.
Creative team:

Starring: Lyubov Aksenova
Creative Director: Ivan Us
Account Manager: Vladimir Gorb
Production Manager: Olga Grishina
Producer: Anton Kuznetsov
Cinematographer: Misha Senin
Art Director: Dmitry Favn
Second Director: Katya Vladislavleva
Gaffer: Evgeny Kolpaksidi
Steadicam Operator: Valery Petrov
Focus Puller: Kirill Martynenko
Camera Mechanic: Maxim Martynovchenko
MUAH (Makeup and Hair): Irina Ivanova, Pavel Chernienko, Julia Logvinova
Stylists: Anastasia Agafonova, Alexandra Novikova
Editing Director: Anton Pupyshev
On-set Editor: Maxim Barybin
Sound Engineer: Kirill Varlamov
CG Artists: Evgeny Vladykin, Sergey Eryomin
Color Correction: Victor Malygin